Tuesday, July 28, 2009

United Records

United Records is the second record shop I hit in San Diego--and it's gotta be the most diversified record store business I've ever seen. Besides just selling the vinyl, CDs, and t-shirts, they also sell DJ equipment--turntables, mixers, headphones, stylii & cartridges--and also rent out that same kind of equipment. In fact while I was in there, some dudes came in and rented a pair of 1200s and a mixer for a show. On top of that, United also has a DJ booth setup in a little recording studio if you want to make your own professional mixes. Seriously, I can't believe there aren't places here in Dallas that have their business setup like this.

Unfortunately, while their business is diverse, their music selection isn't. They're super heavy into electronica, d&b, and that sort of club music, so if you're into that this place is pretty much heaven. But for me, it was a digging letdown; I really only found 3 or 4 things I'd be willing to buy, and they were all really expensive. That's not unexpected since they don't sell the kind of music I buy tho, so it's not their fault.

I would highly recommend United Records for fans of electronic music, or for anyone in their area needing to rent or buy DJ equipment.

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