Sunday, July 26, 2009

KIXPO Part 1: the show

KIXPO is an annual sneaker and streetwear expo held in Deep Ellum next to downtown Dallas. This was KIXPO's third year, and judging by the crowds I saw, it looks to be a successful event. The booths are made up of local and regional shops, brands, artists, and even collectors with their sneaker collections on display. Some of the shops I knew about, but a couple were new to me that I'll have to check out (and of course blog about).

The crowd was big, but still pretty chill. After a while tho, it got to be a little hard to really check out the displays because it was shoulder to shoulder, so plan on getting there early next year if you want a good look at the kicks.

BTW--I don't know who the opening DJ was (pictured), but mad props to him. I swear, every time he dropped a song I was like, "damn this is one of my favorite songs!" I think eventually my wife got tired of me saying that.

One more thing: I picked up an awesome shirt that I'll post about later this week. It's way cool.

Up next: KIXPO Part 2: the shoes

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