Thursday, July 23, 2009


I tried to hit two different sneaker shops while on vacation in San Diego, but I just ran out of time--basically, I spent too much time diggin in the dollar bins at all the record stores I went to! But hey, I did hit up this one sweet little sneaker shop called Mint in the Hillcrest district.

Mint has a huge variety of shoes, mostly sneakers, but with a pretty wide selection of boots and sandals for both men and women. Mint carries your typical big name throwback brands like Nike, Adidas Originals, Puma, and PF Flyers but I didn't see any of the popular smaller name brands like Alife or The Hundreds or things like that.

Then again, maybe they were there and I just didn't see them, because about halfway through the store, some chick came up to me and said I had to stop taking photos of their merchandise. I told her I was just posting them on my personal blog because I thought they were cool shoes, but she said that was just "creepy".

Damn. After that, I just didn't feel like sticking around, especially with the chick giving me the stink eye, so I jetted. Didn't even buy any shoes.


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