Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Premium Pete's Vision

Premium Pete is the guy who runs Premium Laces, a great sneaker shop in NYC's SoHo shopping district that I visited last fall [link]. In addition to being a shop owner and sneakerhead, Pete also has mad crazy visions of sneaker designs floating in his head--evidence of that fact: the insane Elephant Print 3M Air Force 1 Bespoke he designed [link] which is probably my second favorite Bespoke so far (behind the incomparable Marcus Troy Bespoke). Pete's Bespoke is so hot it was even bootlegged!

So yesterday morning, Pete was watching ESPN and they were talking about Nate Robison's performance in last year's All-Star Dunk Contest, where of course he was wearing the KryptoNate Foamposite Lites [link]. Well as we all know, the Copper Foampsite Ones are one of the next big sneaker releases coming out soon, and Pete got the idea to put the green & yellow colorway on the Foamposite profile. I did a little 'choping in Photoshop and sent the mockup to Pete and *BAM* his vision was born!

Pete popped the pic on Twitter and on the Premium Laces blog [here] and Twitter lit up with folks cosigning the design--but Pete wasn't done yet. We talked on the phone a bit about his OTHER vision and I jumped back into Photoshop and we came out with this:

Yup, that's right: an Air Jordan XI Space Jam inspired colorway on the Foamosite One profile. Pete posted this one up [here] and Twitter went bananas! Cats went bonkers over the colorway, and everyone said Nike needs to make this one. Some folks even said they'd camp out for it. Haha!

Truth be told, I'm not personally a fan of the Foamposite One design, but I'd rock the shit outta that Space Jam Foamposite!

Look out for more in the Premium Pete's Vision series coming in the future. I know he's a wealth of ideas; I just hope my Photochop'n can keep up with what he's got cookin'.

Holy shit, these Photochops made it onto SneakerNews.com, one of the very biggest sneaker related websites out there. Check it out! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XKNE218S

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