Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jordan Brand 23/25 Shoe Gallery

Part 2 of 2

In part 1, I mentioned what I considered to be the centerpiece of the Jordan Brand 23/25 Experience: the Jordan Shoe Gallery featuring the complete Air Jordan collection in all-white colorways. These have been out there for a while (since October 2008 actually), but are just now making an official tour around the country, kicking off with this display at the Dallas NBA All-Star Weekend. Every single Air Jordan model was on display, and in these pics you can see some of my personal favorites.

The Air Jordan III-IV-V make up the top row of pics, which I love because it's when designer Tinker Hatfield came in and DESTROYED the sneaker game with some of the most innovative basketball shoes the world had ever seen. Those three literally changed the way basketball sneakers were designed forever.

The Air Jordan VI-VII-VIII make up the middle row, which I love because those are what Michael Jordan wore when he finally took over the NBA, winning the first Chicago Bulls Three-Peat. Once the Bulls won the NBA Championship, they kept on winning and winning and winning...well, until Michael retired (for the first time) after their third win while wearing the VIIIs.

The Air Jordan XI-XII-XIII make up the bottom row, which I love because it's when Michael came out of retirement and tore up the NBA worse than the first time around, leading the Chicago Bulls to ANOTHER Three-Peat of the Championship and of course putting up that ridiculous 72-10 season record while wearing the XI, which is arguably the greatest sneaker design of all time.

One interesting note: a lot of web sites have reported that the Air Jordan III and IV "Pure$" sneakers will be Retro'd this year to satisfy demand for these all-white Jordans. While the Pure$ sneakers are mostly white, there is a touch of metallic chrome accents on each. Very close to what we see here...but not quite the same.

Oh and if you want to see photos of each sneaker (since I didn't post them all), head over to Fur Face Boy's blog [link] where The FFB posted close up pics of each one.

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