Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All-Star Sneakend Pt4: Franalations

PART 4 of 6

Franalations is a young guy from Los Angeles known for his stellar Nike SB collection and his incredible following on YouTube--seriously y'all, Fran has over 6,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel [link]. Holy crap that's a lot of followers! Obviously, he's got the YouTube thing down. And OMG the heat this dude brought, WOW. Fran brought strictly Nike SBs, since that's what he's mostly known for, and he KILLED IT:

  • Danny Supas (1st SB ever)
  • Supreme White
  • Staple NYC Pigeons
  • Londons
  • What The Dunk (both shoes)
  • Freddy Kruegers
  • Supreme Red Blazers
  • Paris
In addition, Fran also brought all the materials, drawings, and printout of the Air Force 1 "Pikachu" Bespoke he recently designed at the Nike 21 Mercer store in New York.

While each and every one of the sneakers Fran brought were certifiable heat, I was personally FLOORED by the Staple Pigeon Dunks. That's one of my two "Grail" sneakers y'all--primarily because I'm a huge Jeff Staple and Reedspace fan. Less than 150 pair made? Literally caused a front-page newsworthy RIOT in New York City? Fashioned after one of my very favorite creatures on earth? Yeah, that's the one. I know I'll never own that shoe, but it was a real treat to be able to see it in-person at least once in my life.

NEXT! Read what DJ Greg Street brought in Part 5.

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