Sunday, January 17, 2010

MAYOR-TV on Ustream

The man you see right here is MAYOR and in case you didn't know, he's kind of a big deal in the sneaker game. No, he ain't a celebrity, he ain't an athlete, he ain't a rapper or a producer or a DJ or nothing like that. MAYOR's just a regular dude like you and me. Well, except that he's got 1,500 pair of sneakers (including over a thousand pair of Air Force 1) and most of it is so rare that you've probably never even seen or heard of em before.

MAYOR shows these rare sneakers to hundreds of online viewers every Sunday and Thursday night, from 11:30pm-til-1:00am or so, on MAYOR-TV at and personally, I've been watching it pretty much from the very beginning (back on his old Ustream account). So what's the show like? Well basically, MAYOR sits in his sneaker room with the webcam on his MacBook Pro and chats with the audience, talks about upcoming releases, shows what he rocked that day, shows a fitted cap or two, checks his Blackberry, calls his friends, watches ESPN, praises the Yankees, and then blows everyone's mind by showing the MAD HEAT in his sneaker collection. Oh yeah and occasionally he has a guest or two on the show, like DJ Greg Street, SneakerQueen, Feets Malone, and his sneaker assistant Coco. But really, what makes the show great is the interaction between MAYOR and the audience--if you got a question, he'll answer it.

Go to to sign up (it's free) and then watch MAYOR-TV [here] every Sunday and Thursday night at 11:30pm EST.

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