Thursday, January 7, 2010

DJ AM x Nike Dunk High Premium

These Nike Dunk High Premiums were designed by the late Adam Goldstein, known to the world at large as DJ AM, one of the highest-profile club DJs in the world--but within the sneaker culture, he was probably better known as a celebrity with a serious sneaker collection [peep it in this video]. After Adam passed away last summer, hundreds of his sneakers were auctioned on eBay with 100% of the proceeds going to the DJ AM Memorial Fund, a charity helping people struggling with drug addiction.

Last year, LA-based DJ AM designed this Dunk High Premium as part of Nike's East-West "Rivals Pack" series, which I've blogged about before [here], to match up against an Air Force 1 low designed by NY-based DJ Premier that I'm posting about tomorrow [here]. Out of respect for his passing, Nike dropped the "rivalry" aspect of these and just released the kicks with his logo on the tongue--very classy move from the folks in Beaverton.

As for the shoe design itself, it really combines DJ AM's passion for both DJing and sneakers: the BRED colorway is as classic as it gets; the Dunk is one of the most loved sneaker profiles in Nike's catalog; black patent leather always makes sneakerheads excited, and the shiny black looks kinda like a vinyl record; and the turntable platter strobe markings just scream out "DJ" in the most obvious, awesome way possible. In fact, when I first saw a photo of the sneakers from the front I thought "those are hot" but then when I saw the turntable markings, I instantly knew I'd own these kicks--I see that pattern everyday on my own tables right next to my Mac. How could I not buy these?

I mean geez, just look how the reflective 3M material shows through the perfed black patent in that pic where the sneaker is sitting on my tuntable--it's a perfect rendition of strobe markings, reflection and all! Wow, just incredible.

If you like this sneaker, make plans to try and track it down first thing when it releases this Saturday, January 9th. This is a limited quickstrike release that's bound to sell out instantly. I managed to snag mine a bit early, and from what I've seen these are already selling online some places at well over $200. Don't sleep.

RIP DJ AM. You passed away far too young.

REMEMBER: go read about the other half of this pack, the DJ Premier x Nike Air Force 1 low [here]


  1. Hi...I'm a friend of Adam's and have been eagerly awaiting the release of these. Nike's customer service reps are completely out of the loop on it. Apparently they're only available in the Mercer St. store in NYC? Surely I can buy them online somewhere? Can you help me out? Thank you so much.

  2. I would suggest you call around to various sneaker shops NOW, before saturday, to see if you can reserve your size anywhere. Call places all over the country, it's gonna take some work to find em at retail without having to stand in a line.

    Unfortunately, the place I got mine from already sold out. :-(

    I do know that Sneaker Politics in Louisiana is accepting telephone orders for them, so you might give them a call (337) 993-3709.

  3. Alright, RMK has em online RIGHT NOW in a full size run, $35 to $45 over retail. Move now cuz they're gonna sell out in a day or so.


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