Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DJ Clark Kent

Wow. I just watched DJ Clark Kent spin the turntables LIVE for 2-½ hours* on the Freddie Foxxx (aka Bumpy Knuckles) Ustream channel, Krupt Mob Radio. If you ain't seen Clark deejay before, whew, y'all got no idea how hot his DJ game is. As a hip hop music geek, I gotta say Clark blew my mind.

In case you didn't know, DJ Clark Kent is a hip hop DJ, music producer, music tour coordinator, CEO of his own entertainment company, and founding member of the "Supermen" DJ crew (which consisted of Richie Rich, Scratch, Alladin, Miz, & Supreme). Oh wait, did I forget to mention that he used to be an A&R for Mowtown and Atlantic records? Yeah, well while he was an A&R he signed and/or was responsible for a few artists you might have heard of: Das Efx. MC Lyte. 98 Degrees. Oh yeah, and a young kid from his own neighborhood by the name of Jay-Z. Maybe you've heard of him? Ha ha!

Just look at those albums--how many classics are in there? How many top tier artists? Those are just SOME of the albums that DJ Clark Kent produced songs on. Maria Carey, Jay-Z, Biggie, Junior M.A.F.I.A., Slick Rick, Mariah Carey, Poor Righteous Teachers, 50 Cent, Das Efx, and Rakim. Damn! Clark's been a beast in the music industry since the mid 80's when he was the DJ for Dana Dane--Cinderfella himself.

But on top of all that--as if it weren't enough--DJ Clark Kent also has THE hottest sneaker game around. No one can touch him--PERIOD--and most of the ones who can hang with him like All-Day, MAYOR, and DJ Greg Street are in his ATF sneaker crew (Addicted To Fresh, All Things Fresh, etc). Not only does Clark have several thousand pair of sneakers, he's also had the opportunity to design sneaker colorways for Nike--that's incredible. He has been featured in Sole Collector magazine (even though he doesn't consider himself a "collector", instead just a guy who buys and wears a lot of sneakers), has had his Top 50 Air Force 1s list featured in Complex magazine [here], and was on their panel of sneaker experts (along with MAYOR) that ranked the Top 10 Sneakers of 2009 [here].

DJ Clark Kent: Music industry legend and the biggest sneakerhead in the game.

* Note - the live show Clark played is supposed to be archived on the Krupt Mob Radio Ustream channel [here] if you're interested in watching it--which of course you should be. It was hot; even Pete Rock and Prince Paul were watching/chatting the stream! BTW the last 20 minutes was a discussion between Clark and Freddie that broke down into sneaker talk, so sneakerheads should definitely peep that.

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