Monday, August 31, 2009

Shure Record Tote Bag

I'm going to NYC soon and got plans to hit several record stores while I'm there--and Manhattan ain't exactly car friendly, so I'm gonna have to hoof it on foot with whatever records I purchase.

To help me carry records all over town, I picked up this Shure heavy-duty record tote bag a few weeks ago. It's got big heavy handles on top, a shoulder strap, pop-out backpack straps, a bunch of interior pockets, a strong fold down floor, cinch straps, and can hold 50 records. That'll probably be enough space. Maybe. Hopefully? LOL

For those not in the know, Shure is one of the leading brands of record needle cartridges--they're what I use on my turntables.

If you're looking for one, they run around $40 on

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