Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Adidas Originals - NorthPark

I've already posted about the Adidas Outlet, but somehow I haven't posted about the actual Adidas Originals store located in NorthPark Mall. Being a massive Adidas Originals whore, this store is pretty much shopping heaven for me: I swear it sucks the money straight outta my wallet! LOL

For those that don't know, Adidas Originals is a separate heritage product line that's done up completely different from their athletic performance line. You can instantly tell the difference from the logo; instead of the modern 3-stripe triangle logo, Adidas Originals uses the old pre-1991 Trefoil logo. The products are all retro inspired reissues, everything from Superstars to track suits.

Even if you hate going to the Mall, it's worth making the trip just to check out the Adidas Originals store.

Highly recommended.

EDIT (January 2010) - Adidas has unfortunately closed this store.

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