Friday, August 7, 2009

Adidas Outlet

Finally made a trip out WAY NORTH to the Allen Premium Outlets to check out the Adidas and Nike outlet stores. Getting there is easy enough straight up 75, but the parking lot itself is wack! It's only got two entrances for the 3 million people trying to get in, so traffic sucks--and then the individual parking lots don't connect, so you get trapped quick. Piss poor parking lot design. LOL

As for the Adidas store, it's about 60% clothes and 40% shoes, and then the Originals line of shoes in the blue boxes are pushed off into the back corners. Sounds bad, but they actually a ton of different kicks, somewhere around 50 different styles in men's Originals and probably 25 in womens. The best thing is that the prices are cheap--so cheap that my wife and I walked out with five pairs of shoes, 2 cans of water replant and a can of cleaner for about $140--crazy! I got a pair of Stan Smiths, some Campus Vulcans, and a sweet pair of Aditennis. I didn't pick up any more shelltoe Superstars, but they had a ton of those in all kinds of colorways.

Highly recommended for fans of Adidas originals.

Went back to the outlet again today, ended up walking out with six more pairs of sneakers. I'm officially good dealing myself to death.

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