Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nike Outlet

As I posted last week, I made a trip out to the Allen Premium Outlets to check out the Adidas and Nike outlet stores. I was impressed with the Adidas store (bought eleven pairs of sneakers in two weekends) and had high hopes of the Nike store being just as awesome.

Unfortunately, it wasn't.

The Nike Outlet store is gigantic, but it really seemed focused on apparel and athletic performance shoes. If that's what you're into, then you're golden, but if you are on the hunt for kicks, you might be disappointed. They hardly had any Air Force Ones (what I was on the hunt for) and what they did have were in awful colorways and limited sizes. Their selection of Jordans were weak, too. I guess it shouldn't surprise me since they're popular enough they don't need to clearance them. Hard to believe, but I didn't buy a thing.

Recommended for athletic shoes, but not so much for sneaker heads.

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