Monday, November 9, 2009

October sneakers

October was a weird month. I didn't really buy much because we just spent all that money in NYC last month. In fact I originally said I wasn't gonna buy any shoes for the entire month...but well, ya know how that goes. See some sales on kicks ya wanted to pick up but passed on, but now are dirt cheap. Pretty sure I didn't pay more than half-price for any of these. So basically, I ended up with some fun everyday beaters.

I think the best pickup is the first sneaker here because it was made to match my Adidas + Def Jam t-shirt.
  • Adidas Forum Mid Def Jam collab (black/silver)
  • Adidas Forum Mid Def Jam collab (cardnial/gold)
  • Adidas Goodyear OS (white/green)
  • Nike Dunk Hi (white/black/blue)
  • Nike Zoom Phenom (black/white/varsity royal)
  • Nike Air Force 1 (white/orange peel)
  • Stan Smith Adikids (white/pink/green))
  • Stan Smith (black/black)
  • Superstar 2 Adikids (black/blue/white)

Oh yeah and obviously those ones at the end are my wife's--she likes cartoons on her sneakers.

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