Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kamaal the Abstract

Seriously, I cannot believe I got this record. I mean it just shouldn't exist. This was supposed to be the second solo album from Q-Tip (of A Tribe Called Quest) and shoulda come out 2001-ish, but since it was so....uh, different from what the label expected, they shelved it. The label expected Tip to give em a hip hop album, but instead he delivered live instrumentation and singing.

Of course, it's been pretty heavily bootlegged over the years, and I've had a digital copy on my iPod for several years now, but getting a bootleg on vinyl just blows my mind. Picked it up from TTL and it looks like they sold out in about a day. Don't know how many were pressed, but probably not a ton.

Well this is interesting--looks like the album is actually going to get a real release this September by Battery Records, a division of the Zomba Music Group, which is owned by Sony BMG, who also owns Arista Records, the original publisher of the album that decided not to release it back in 2001. Interesting...if they do release it, I guess I'll be buying it yet again, if only to support Q-Tip. I mean, I doubt he saw any money from the bootleg I've already got.


  1. So, is this something to be played, or drool fodder only?

  2. Oh it's definitely to be played--hell look, it's being played in that photo. LOL

    But like I said, I already got a digital copy of it on my iPod, so I don't imagine I'll play the vinyl all that often. I bought it more because of that "I just gotta have it" mentality.


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